Canada day 1 - Thursday

The day before. My mother was very stressed and kept calling... and calling. 
What did she want? You tell me.

Early morning. On my way to Arlanda via the Arlanda express.

After a very long flight and a total of 20 hours travelling we finally arrived at the hotel. 
We were so tired that we were giggeling like children when we were tryuing to find our room (which of course was the one furthest away) 

My mom literally collapsed on the bed. Knowing that I wouldnt be able to get up again if I as much as tried my bed, i unpacked, showered and stuff. Then I wanted to go to bed and play some games on the computer before sleeping. However.... I couldnt get any of my electronic devices working! Though plugged in to a converter, I couldnt get any power. Too tired to think about it, I went to bed listening to my iPod which had some battery left.

So, 6 pm canadian time (2 am swedish) I fell asleep.

But I wasnt allowed to sleep for long. 11 pm we both woke up by what sounded like cannons. After a while my tired brain identified the sounds as fireworks. Ah, the Stampede....

I fell asleep again. Once again though, I wasnt alowed to sleep. Mom woke up 2 am and was confused, talking to me loudly about nothing at all. I very confusedly asked her why she woke me up, and she replied that "werent we supposed to go out?" Mom, it's 2 am I said. "oh. ok."

Then I fell asleep instantly once more and woke up at 5 am ready for the first day!


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