Canada Day 12 - Monday

Time to go home... I feel both sad and happy. I really want to see Mathias but he's out sailing and I don't know when he'll be back.

We just said our good byes to Albina, soo sad! But we'll email her and most definitely see her again!

So; Conclucions about Canada

  • Calgary: The cleanest city ever - both out on the streets and inside! No trash thrown anywhere.
  • Many homeless and drug addicts roaming the parks and the city's less attractive parts
  • Honest people <3 they stand in line to pay for the train ride allthough there are no ticket boots or people checking tickets or even could due to the overfull trains going to and from the stampede. even in the middle of the night!
  • So incredibly friende and hospitable. everyone everywhere.
  • Calm.
  • Weather and seasons just like Sweden
  • Many asian imigrants, too many according to most canadians
  • Calgary: The stampede is like a huge city wide festival! staff in the shops and at the hotels even wear cowboy clothes during the stampede. (Now they are back to suits.) Seriously,  for 10 days a year everything is about the stampede.
  • I would probably have done very different things if I had travelled with someone my own age, like hiking, climbing, horseback riding and so on. There are so much to do!
  • The nature is stunning!

See you at home guys! 


  1. but how amout me, haven't you missed me *buhuuuu* ;P
    ha en trevlig flygtur så hörs vi när vi hörs :D

  2. *about (not amount.... i need to sleep)


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