Canada day 2 - Friday

Waking up 5 am. Amazing; the bed did not spin anymore, I must be rested!

Some detective work was required to figure out why we couldnt get any devices working. When we finally found out, I was too embarassing to tell anyone so I wont do it here either. Anyway, yey, I finally have electricity and internet!

For breakfast I ate something Ive always wanted to try but for some reason havnt. Real american blueberry pancakes with maple syrap. o..m..g... Soooo good! Just pouring the syrap over the pancakes was amazing. I wish I had brought my phone so I could have taken a picture. oh well, I will most definitely have them again so....

Back to the room to get ready to explore Calgary. This proved to be interesting. My mother is very special, to say the least.... She does not think it is appropriate to walk around town wearing shorts, or a tank top, or a dress, and so on. She was almost screaming. So, when I was finally dressed appropriately it was (finally) time for....Shopping day!

We took a walk to the Chinook Centre, which is the biggest mall in Calgary. It has over 250 stores and most of the are high-end brands.

Great jeans leggins from Armani.

 The most amazing dress EVER from free people. It was on sale so we paid 1200 (160 CAD) SEK insted of 1600 (200 CAD). YEY!

Couldn't find a picture of the dress we bought from Michael Kors, so here is a sample of his design.

One of many stores selling stuff for the Stampede.

I found a nice hat which turned out to suit me really well! cool :)

The Chinook Centre had a very good foodcourt, complete with a merry-go-round and a 6 meter high dinosaur in metal. 

We walked all the way to the mall and back, about 7 kilometers. The distance was fine, the temperature was not (!). 30 degrees celcius, heavy traffic and no shade anywhere.

Macleod trail.

The Stampede is a veeeery big deal. Especially since this year is celebrates its 100 birthday.

After a well-deserved rest at the hotel we decided to take the train to the Stampede and just check it out. This proved to be another very difficult outing since my dear mother had just as many thought on how I was allowed to be dressed. (and yes, I am 24 years old and moved out when I was 17) I was not allowed this and that and we had to return to the hotel once just so I could change once more. My patience ran out when I asked her what on earth I should wear and she replied "surely you can find that out for yourself""

Sadly, once we got on the train we only managed to get to the next station. There, my stomach died and we had to return home. My IBS-syndrome gets going when I change my eating and/or sleeping routine. Since Im in Canada, both these have changed. Hopefully I will be okay the rest of the trip if I just keep a new routine when Im here. 

Dinner. I was looking for something lite since I was not very hungry...

Moms steak; another normally sized portion.

I <3 shopping!


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