Canada day 3 - Saturday

    Stampede time!!! 

We were so excited; finally we were to visit the Stampede with grandstand tickets to the rodeo. 

 At the entrance.

 For Mathias. I have over 100 plush toys and I love them all like my children. Mathias thinks I have to may. No way amigo!

 Everything is designed for and around the Stampede.

 Like I said.

 Me in the heat!

 World championship blacksmith's competition

 Llama 1

 Llama 2

Horse statue made out of branches


 Donkey mom and child

 yeeehaaa! That horse burnt my as.

 Agriculture exploration barn

 Agriculture exploration barn

 Agriculture exploration barn

 Mom at the grandstand. 

 Of course we bought hats!! everyone, everywhere, wears hats. 

 I love mine!

 Remember what I said about everything being designed for the Stampede...?

 For Marre. <3

For Marre <3

 One of the many metal statues

 One of the bigger

 Rodeo 101. Now I know everything about rodeo and its different sports.

 Beautiful horses everywhere!

 Peruvian horse demo.

The amazing Craig Cameron held a one hour natural horsemanship demo!

And then... The grandstand rodeo. Wow. Seeing it live was amaaazing!

When we got back to the hotel I was so tired and my whole body was aching. I decided to go swimming for a while and stretch all muscles. It was great.

The best cake we've had for a long time. 


  1. bältet är ju samma mönster som kakburken du köpte till mig i julklapp för något år sedan! :D och poastade ja ginte en kommentar här igår? :( om att skäck-hästen var söt med ett vitt hjärta på rumpen :)

  2. Nope, nada kommentar. men jag håller med :D

  3. insåg att det var för att jag inte skrivit i koden för att intyga på att jag inte är en robot >.<

  4. hahaha ja man vet ju aldrig med dig :P


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