Canada day 4 - Sunday

The hottest day ever. 32 degrees celcius. Record heat wave. No wind. No escape. Power outage due to the desperate use of air conditioners. so.... hot.

We managed to go into central Calgary and visit the zoo. We were suffering extremely from the heat, together with the rest of the city. Then we were stranded at the train station for a while. Then we walked around town, suffering once more whilst trying to explore. Then around 4pm we both felt faint and returned to the hotel.

 Central Calgary

@ Calgary zoo

@ Central Calgary
 We're experts on riding the light transit railway.

 I love skyscrapers.

7th avenue 

 Calgary tower. We were supposed to go up to the top but it was ridiculously expensive. I figured that we might as well find some pictures online. And I was pleasantly surprised to find a 360 panorama, here :)

 Horse statues can be found everywhere.

 Sreet art

A beautiful mix between old and new 

 A shopping and dining district at 7th avenue.

 On our way back home we were given lemonade and scarfs.

" Yaahoo!"
When I was trying on a dress on friday a sales woman told me I looked like Carrie Underwood in it. :D


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