Canada day 5 - Monday

 We spent the day in central Calgary, exploring the shopping district and shopping centres. The main reason for this was to be able to keep somewhat cold since the heat wave wasn't going anywhere....

We had tickets for the evening grandstand show at the stampede and were really looking forward to it! This turned our to be the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Seriously. I have never seen anything like it. I could not bring myself to take pictures of film anything becaus I just wanted to  fulle be able to enjoy it. But since we have tickets for another evening show that wasn't a loss. So pics are coming!

Once again - the lovely skyscrapers of Calgary

nom nom nom 

Mom at the trainstation

In TD square we found....Buttercream.

This proved to be an amazing cake shop!

Mom loved it and so did I!

TD Square dressed up for the Stampede.

Great design at TD square! 

And in the afternoon we were of to the Stampede.

I finally had my first candy apple. o...m...g.... I need more!

 Baby piggies <3

 An appaloosa mule!

Team cattle penning

Team cattle penning

Team cattle penning

Chuckwagon racing at the grandstand

And then the unforgettable evening show.....


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