Canada day 8 - Thursday

Today we were supposed to go to both the Glenbow museum and Fort Calgary. However, the heatwave has really taken a toll on us which ment we only made it to Fort Calgary; A combined art gallery and museum dedicated to the agricultural heritage and the developement of Calgary.

We had a reservation at Saltlik again at 6 so we spent the reminder of the afternoon in central Calgary, looking for gifts and browsing stores.

I made real bagains today, body butter from the body shop at $8, and Redken 1000 ml schampo and conditioner at $26. Seriously, that's just silly cheap.  Would have bought more but I had to think about the weight of my bag.

Bagel with cream cheese and a fruit bowl with cottage chesse. yum!

In case someone haven grasped exacly how hot is it... the money is melting. 

tired and warm

@ Fort Calgary 

@ central Calgary 

Olympic Plaza. Engraved names of the athetes partcipating at the olympics in Vancouver

DeVille café. Placed in a shopping center dedicated to artists and hand crafted jewellery.

This place turned out to serve to best sandwiches in town.

The Sicilian

Had to visit Buttercream again :)


Special Stampede chocolate


Street art

One of maaany western stores

@ Saltlik

Dry rosted ribs with chipotle sauce

A real steak requires a real knife

omfg soooooo goooood 

And finally; My new sweetheart Bobby. <3


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