Latest issue of Equipage has arrived!

And it will be in store on the 24th for those not subscribing.

I just realized that I havnt mentioned this amazing magazine in the blog before! big miss!

For those of you who live in sweden or if you know swedish: Try it and love it! It has an amazing mix of horsemanship, deep articles about various areas regarding horses, dressage and jumping training, facts and new research, in and out of the stable fashion and beauty.

A little sample of this issue.
- a look at the new feeder that increases the time it takes to horse to finish the meal and lessens spill outside the feeder
- a look at the new safety wests with included air bag (!)
- a guide to judge if a horse i over or under weight
- A reportage comparing swedish and portugeese dressage
- How the correct riding style can heal a horses back pains
- A special equestrian coverage of the coming the olympics, including a long interview with Rolf-Göran Bengtsson!
- How the media attention towards equestrian sports have increased
- New exercises to imporve your riding

and omg sooo much more! I love this mag!

And my subscription for the year is over with this issue, so today I will renew it for another year, of course :)


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