Looking for work and planning the economics

So now that my vacation in Canada is over, and I've had my additional restion period before going, it's time to start looking for a job.

In a few days, as soon as I have normalized again, I will start searching and applying for work.

Of course, this also means a hugh step towards buying a horse since my financial situation will finally change from student to employee.

I've made some basic calculations as to how my budget will look. My monthly expenses are very static which makes this quite easy and therefore I can easily see how much money can go towards a horse depending on how much I earn.

Also, my situation i great because Mathias and I split all costs and have no loans except for CSN (loan for financing studies).

Hence; my monthly expenses: (in SEK)
Rent: 1100
Electricity: 250
Cell phone: 250
Internet: 200
Food: 2000
Insurance: 100
Car: 500
CSN: 1000
total amount: 5400

Other expenses, which will be limited to this amount per month:
clothes: 1000
hygiene/beauty products: 500
savings towards horse: 10 000
total amount: 11 500

= 16 900  ~ 17 000

To earn 17 000 after taxes I will need a salary of 21 500.
This will not be a problem. I will probably earn about 25 000 a month. This would give me 19 500 after taxes.

Basically: yey!

So; based upon this "worst-case" budget, I will be able to put 10 000 a month towards a horse. I plan on buying a horse for about 60 000 which means that I can afford a horse after 6 months of work.

God I hope I find somethin veeery soon.

However, I do have a savings account which would allow me to buy a horse today. This option would change my budget simply so that I repay myself a sum a month depending on the other expenses of the horse. This is veeeeeeeery, veeeeeeeeeery tempting. Of course I would not act on this before I have a job.

And of course; the third option is to take a loan wonce I get a job. This however would not be smart since I would essentially loose money in the end. And its pretty darn good to be mortage free.

So I do have some big decisions to make. Right now what seems the best is actually a combination of option one and two;
One I start working, I start looking for a horse for real, hence probably giving me at least on months salary before buying and hence decreasing the amount I will loan from my savings.


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