Swedish mentality

So all this talk of economy has made me a bit upset. Why? Becaus it reminds me of all those who ask me "but how on earth will you be able to afford a horse? Do you know the costs?!"

Yes you fucking asholes, I do.

You see; this is basic swedish mentality. Being jealous and grudging towards someone having something you dont. And I really rally hate it. It was one of the reasons I went to New Zealand.

I am lucky enough to have a large savings account. Of owning an appartment in Stockholm without any mortages. Of living with Mathias which makes expences even lower. But most importantly; I am very economically minded and smart.

But ok... lets count.
And by the way, I have had horses of my own before. I am raised in a family owning always 3-6 thourughbred racehorses.
I know it is expensive. I promise.

I plan on paying 5000 a month for renting a place in a stable.
I plan on paying 500 extra a month for food or electricity if it is ot included in the rent.
I plan on paying 1000 a month to the farrier.
I plan on paying 1000 a month for various expenses, such as equipment, training....
I plan on saving 1000 a month towards the day I will need a vet. Because believe it or not, I know that day will come, it always does.
I plan on paying 1000 a month for insurance.

I will either rent a trailer or buying a used one and therefor I can not anticipate that cost of this.

So this is counted with a high marginal, which I think you should always do. And it comes to a total of  about 10 000 a month.

And I will be able to afford that when I'm working, yes.


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