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I have been looking for work. I started yesterday... And I have some great news; I just landed an interview a few minutes ago! At Bravura! I'm so happy. :)

I applied for seven jobs yesterday and I have found seven more which i will apply for today.

Had a breakdown yesterday and paniced thinking that I would never get a job. Mathias took great care of me and I feel så much better today, specially after getting an interview after only one day!

I would be awesome to get a job as soon as possible, so that I can start saving money and buy a horse... and buy some good food haha.

I am very proud of myself because I have reached that state where I only care about me being happy at work and with my assignment. I don't care if the job is prestigeous or if I make a super career or somehing, I just want to be happy. Thats something that most people don realize until their 50's. Which is extremely weird since it doesnt take a scientist to calculate to percentage of your life which you spend at work. And if you arent happy, well... Also, having an extremely well paid job does not bring happiness, since you basically have to live at work and wont have time to do anything with your money anyway.

I will be, and live, happy :D


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