A bad, bad day...

The first half of today was spent at the gynecologist emergency reception. I have been unwell for about 6 months and I just had enough of not getting any help and not getting better.

So how did this go? Well, they tested almost everything and of course they did not find anything.... However; they told me to go to another doctor and take a test for cancer.... So yeah, Im really feeling unnerved and stressed out.

And since this is Sweden, it wasn't possible to contact the doctor today. because it's Friday. omfg....
So on Monday I'm going to call and try to get an appointment this year.. Because normally there are loooooong waits. OMFG.

On, and get this... On the way back to the main entrance, the elevator flipped out and did some scary shit that freaked me out. Like I wasn't stressed enough.

And oh, I also have to go and see another doctor because of a swelling on my leg which is soar and has been there for over 5 weeks. I called them today. But oh my.. they haven't got any appointments for months. Yes you read correctly. However, the nurse on the phone told me that on Monday I might be able to get a hold of one of their "small emergency"-appointments. So I need to call them at 8 am sharp, to beat the rest in need of care.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Since I've studied computer science obviously I've been very still for large parts of the day. This has resulted in me having big trouble in my neck and shoulders. Mathias best friends girlfriend, Ida, is a physiotherapist and she took a quick look at me a while back and just laughed because of how terrible my whole back was. So I really need to take care of this as well.
Buuut since I'm broke I won't be able to do anything about this before I get a steady salary and can take weekly massages/treatments. But I will ask the doctor about possible other solutions on Monday, if I get to see him that is.

Fingers crossed.


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