So as we all know; with owning a horse comes great responsibilities. I have begun looking at some different insurance solutions and as one might figure, I find it a bit hard to decide. Luckily I am only weighing between two alternatives, and hopefully this post will help me organize sort of an pro-con-list which will make the decision easy :)

I need to take more than the horse into consideration though, I need to see to my own insurance.

I have my home insurance at If and they have been great in the past, those two times I've needed them. I've been a loyal customer to them since I moved out when I was 17 and I have never had to regret it. They do also offer horse insurance, and I can get a deal on this one since I'm already a customer. However, they have divided the insurances into small bits with many add-ons.
I will need to add a olycksfallsförsäkring to my current insurance, so that I am protected in case of an accident.

However, Agria is and has always been "THE company" for all animal insurances. They are very well known, respected and trusted. They do offer the same insurances as If and in a more "compact-format."
Oh - i just found out that when you get a horse insurance a olycksfallsförsäkring is included, that's just amazing!
I need a veterinärvårdsförsäkring and liv- och användbarhetsförsäkring. A1 is the most omfattande in both these categories and is the only choice as I see it.

Hah, seems like my plan worked. Basically Agria has more experience with animal insurances and offer them in a better package. And since I absolutely do not think that price should be a factor when insuring your animal or yourself, there's not much to argue about.

I will go with Agria A1 veterinärvårdsförsäkring and liv- och användbarhetsförsäkring and thereby get Agria Incident, an olycksfallsförsäkring, included.
Now I need to decide the excess and insurance amount, which I will do once the horse is bought and I have contacted a representative from Agria.


  1. har du kollat svelanda?

  2. Aldrig hört om, så vet inte om jag skulle våga. vad vet du om dem?

  3. milkys uppfödare försäkrar sina katter där. milky hade sin dolda-fel-försäkran där. jag valde nog agria för att de hade bättre självriskperiod, tror jag. vet inte alls hur villkoren skiljer sig från agria. men de är pålitliga vad jag förståt. veterinärskilniken jag är på skyltar med brochyrer därifrån (och inte från agria).

  4. Åhå, då ska jag absolut ta en titt på den också :) tack :)


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