Marre - do not read this before you've seen todays jumping :)

So - I decided to stay at home today, I am really not well. So yey - I get to see the jumping!

Poor Lisen Bratt Fredricson fell of her horse Matrix during todays jumping. All of Sweden love this great lady who is so sweet and talented, and we were worried when we say this fall. Luckily both she and Matrix are absolutely fine, shame though for the Swedish team.

Jens Fredricson and Henrik von Eckermann both made it without faults after nice but a bit short-of-time rounds. great job!

Rolf-Göran Bengtsson was one of the last riders, and without a doubt the rider with the most pressure and expectations on him. (Go Roffe!) he's been ranked as number 1 in the world the whole year and we couldn't be prouder! Of course he made a great round without faults! Go Roffe and Casall!

Sorry - the videos can only be seen in Sweden.


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