Riding exercise of the day - 1

Lets start of with a classical exercise which is always beloved; the 5,5. (swedish: fem-och-en-halvan)
This exercise fits all horses at all levels, but it is particularly good for young or insecure horses since its practically impossible for the horse to misjudge the distance. This exercise trains self-esteem and technique.

Approach the cross in trot. Make sure that your horse is straight and that you're riding in an even tempo.
Jump the cross and land in a canter, take one stride and jump the oxer.

Focus on your seat and let the horse horse handle the exercise by itself as much as possible.

To make this exercise more adcanced, add a fence 9,5 meters after the oxer. You can also ad more cavaletti poles before the cross, or ad an additional cross and thereby creating a bounce before the oxer.


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