Riding exercise of the day - 2

This time the exercise will focus on learning to control the whole register of the horses canter, a skill that is vital to show jumpers. This exercise is great to help the rider get a feel for how to use the legs and how to control the canter.

Remember to plan your way well ahead.

1. Build it. There should be 7,5 meters between the poles inner side and they should be placed and angled on a bent track. The inner sides should be placed on stands, about 40-50 cm.

2. Approach the poles in a canter, with three even sized strides in between them.
3. Increase the arc between the poles. use your inner leg to fit four strides between the poles.
4. Decrease the arc, the goal this time is to fit only two strides between the poles.
5. Repeat, changing between 2, 3 and 4 strides.


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