Riding exercise of the day - 4

Today Marre told me that she liked my idea of posting exercises on the blog, thanks! She also said that she would like to know more about avståndsbedömning and galoppstpårngslängd. Well my dear, your wish is my command!

The basics of strides:

The distance of a stride varies greatly between horses, but generally you say that one stride is about 3,5 meters. In jumping when deciding distances between obstacles you can use this chart:

1 stride between two obstacles:
Horse 6,50–7,00 meter
Pony cat. D 6,50–6,90 meter
Pony cat. C 5,90–6,30 meter
Pony cat. B 5,30–5,70 meter

2 strides between two obstacles:
Horse 9,75–10,25 meter
Pony cat. D 9,50–9,90 meter
Pony cat. C 8,70–9,10 meter
Pony cat. B 7,80–8,20 meter

3 strides between two obstacles:
Horse 13,50–14,00 meter
Pony cat. D 13,00–14,00 meter
Pony cat. C 12,00–13,00 meter
Pony cat. B 11,00–12,00 meter

The basics of judging distances:
The easiest way to describe how to calculate the optimum distance to an obstacle is actually this: If the obstacle is 1 meter high, the optimum place to jump off is 1 meter in front of it.  If the obstacle is 80 cm, the optimum is 80 before, and so on.
However, when jumping low obstacles it is possible to jump off from a greater area before the obstacle and still be able to make a great jump. The higher the obstacle, the more the area on which to jump off decreases. Hence, calculating the right distance gets more and more critical the higher the jump.

And a great exercise
It's sooo important to know how to adjust your strides.When knowing the distance of your horses strides, the most simple exercise may actually be the best to start with. Simply build a small series and then work on changing the number of strides to both fewer and more.


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