The Green Card

To compete in Sweden you need a green card. This is a card which proves that you know your stuff when it comes to horses, riding and competitions. I think this i great since it ensures a basic knowledge and quality in the competing equipage and thereby increases security a lot.
What I am quite upset about however, is that it is soooo hard to take the course and test for this card. Sweden is like the most bureaucratic country in the world so of course there are a thousand rules and regulations around everything, including equestrian competitions. To even be able to take this course you need to belong to a riding club which is connected to the the Swedish equestrian federation. All this bureaucracy combined with the fact that it is kind of  lot of work for the clubs to hold these courses means that if you are really lucky, your club has one of these course once or twice a year. So I've been pleading with my club ta hold a course this term so that I will be able to take part in next years competitions, and still I have no idea if thew will do it.
Worst case i will have to go to another club, because I do have the right to - if there is space - visit another club in my district and partake in one of their courses.

And even before I can even take part in this course, which consist of some studying and 2 test - one showing riding skills and another written exam - I have to do some other riding skills test which my trainer (who has to certified to a certain level, of course) have to attest to my capabilities in.

Oh, and yeah, like I've said before this is the time of year when all of Sweden is dead due to vacations... So NO ONE has updated any information about anything....! So I'm hunting down information completely hopeless.

Oh, and by the way, after I have finally gotten my Green Card, i have to pay for a riders license, a horse license, supply complete passport and chip-information, register in a national competition database.... and then, I can start competing on the lowest level.


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