The green card

Yey i'm happy! Well, almost....
I've been looking for a club that will hold a course for the green card this semester, and I've found one; Stockholms fältrittsklubb. However, it's only for their members which means that I would have to become a member for a year at the cost of 400 SEK. Plus, the course costs an additional 400 SEK. And i'm B-R-O-K-E. Also, It's not for certain that the course will be held. I e-mailed the club and they said they'd be happy to have me but in order for the course to take place some more people will need to register for it. We'll see how it goes!

I also sent an email to hufvudsta, asking them if they will be holding a course. Ive requested it before and I havn't heard anything nor is any information up on the web so... It probably won't happen.

Any way, Im closer to my green card now than I was yesterday ^^


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