What a wonderful day!

We've spent the whole day out in Södertörn, at Mathias cousins farm. it's been absolutely grrrrreat! We barbecued some hot dogs, ate some pie, had a tour around the farm... and then; we brought the horses into the stable, did some grooming and then took them out for a ride!
The nature was amazing, there were great roads to ride on, we cantered, crossed fields, rode in the forest...
OMG it was amazing!

I rode a horse called Shame On U, a 20 year old mare, chestnut, 163 cm... She was a dream <3
Her owner is the other cousin who wasn't there today. She hasn't had a lot of time for her at all because she's got a little baby. So Shame was out of shape, but sooo sweet, happy and ambitious.
I am thinking about the possibility to take her for a year while the owner is taking care of her baby... It would be a cheap first year and the horse would be better of. However, I don't think it's gonna happen, the owner loves her horse way too much, it's her other baby. But there is no harm in asking, right? :)


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