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I am a goddess

I've just finished season two of pretty little liars.... In the last episode, and only then, you got to know who the culprit was.... The evil mastermind from both seasons. It was supposed to be the chock of the year.

I figured it out at few episodes into the second season.

:D proud

Im working on it :)

I will not stop until I'm #1


I've made a friend at the stables. Her name is Jessica and she's so nice and sweet. We ride in the same group and have been hanging out for the last three times. It's really nice to have a friend over there :)

Today's lesson

Today we got to do some jumping! It was great, I got to ride Ravell again. He was so into it and it was sooo fun!

Also, I got to experience some rodeo as Ravell did some bucking and kicking at another horse. Luckily I do not have a problem staying in the saddle so I didn't really care, nor was I scared, I'm used to these things since Karro, bless her <3

We jumped a bar and a oxer, only 60-70 cm.
Aaaand... we did one of the jumping exercises I posted here before! It was fun and a great exercise.

But I do miss my old group, and in particular having Denise and Mimmie as trainers. It really isn't the same with Johanna and Petra.

Oh, and get this! The one who were to ride Ravell after me were non other than Ulrika, a woman who work at Spoon Publishing, where I had my last job ^^


I've just sent a mail to Vällingby Ridcenter, asking about the possibility to have my horse there.

Waiting eagerly.


I think I've decided. After spending a few hours on google and thinking about it.

When I get my first pay check, I will go to Liza and get this hair style! (Blonde of course)

In the rain


Talking in the rain

Im outside, taking a walk while both enjoying the rain and doing some serious thinking.

The fact that my financial situation will soon enable me to buy a horse means that it is time for me to really ransack myself about it.

Do I want it enough?
I, alongside all those who've had had their own horse, knows that it is beyond demanding. It's in no way comparable to help with another's horse or even sharing a horse with a friend. The amount if work, passion, money, sacrifices and hard times can't be imagined without having been there yourself.

So, after waking up really early, spending 9 hours at work, do I want to:

1. Go home, spend time with Mathias, have dinner, sitting in front of the TV, the computer, relaxing, most often be bored out of my mind, but at least rested. Where the end of the day will be spent in... Nothingness. But nothingness that's alongside Mathias.
2. Go to the stables, have some dinner on the way either in the car or on the bus which ever I have t…

Change of pace

I'm thinking about starting getting up at 6 every morning from now on, so that it doesn't come as a chock on Wednesday.

I am an early bird but I'm also very sensitive when it comes to my sleep. Normally I get up around eight so it's a big change for me.

Ok. Seven tomorrow, six the rest of the days.

My guilty pleasure

Tv show "pretty little liars" has become my new addiction. I. Love. It.

The drama, the mystery, the friendships, the twists....


I'm a bit worried about my driving instructor. He seriously lives with his iPhone chained to him. And he is so quick at answering both calls and texts.

I haven't been able to reach him for 36 hours...


Ok so these are my final days of freedom. And I am sooo booored! Which leads to me being stressed out, because I shouldn't be bored, I have to enjoy these days, what am I doing!?

So I end up lying on the sofa, being bored, stressed, and of course really really scared of whether I'll be able to do this job which will start in just a few days.... And I can't do anything about it. Because I'm broke and that's why I need to start working noooow.

I don't want to watch any tv shows, movies, play games, or anything else. I'm just too nervous to enjoy anything. So I'm stuck in this nothingness.

Only 5 more days to go.

Caring for shoes

My sweet, sweet mathias was taking care of his leather brogues last night, so I asked if he could do a pair of my shoes which I would then put away for the winter. Of course he said "sure".

But once I opened my shoe closet I realized that I've been neglecting more than that one pair... So I ended up bringing him 6 pairs... He was so amazing and took care of all of them, it took him one and a half hour.

God bless that man.


Just got an email from Eva, the woman responsible for the green card course....

Not only did I pass the test, I had a score of 100%!!!!!!! 30/30!!!!!

Yes!!!! I'm so happy!!!

sick but efficient

My stomach was still upset today, so I spent the whole day inside (except for a 300 meter trip to the recycling station. Yet I have not been lazy or unefficient!

I have:

Done laundry (4 machines)Changed sheets and towelsRecycledVacuumedGenreal cleaningPrepared gift ideas for both our 1,5 year anniversary and christmas! :DPlayed puzzle games.

I was supposed to meet Anna for dinner tonight but I had to cancel :( I wouldn't dare passing the flu to her, or risk getting really ill at the restaurant. I also had to cancel the driving lesson.

Stomach flu

Not the worst kind but enough to keep me lying in the sofa under a blanket.

Everything I eat goes straight through me. Luckily I'm not throwing up.


I spent quite a while today looking at stables. I found several great places but they were all too far away. There was one place that might be okay but it's still not good enough. And it have to be good, otherwise it won't be possible to both work and take care of a horse.

I'll keep looking!

Wednesday again

Bad news at Mando today, I've lost more weight... So I have to go back next week and if things aren't looking better I have to eat by a schedule for a while.

I was supposed to take a driving lesson afterwards but I wasn't feeling very well so I called my teacher and told him how I felt and he was nice enough to let me drive another day instead without paying extra.

So I went home and slept for 2,5 hours and when I woke up I had some kind of stomach flu and I was sooo sick. Hopefully it's over now.

First day with gloves

I'm on my way to Mando to check my weight. The weather is perfect, it's gray, raining, cool.... I love it! And... Today is the first day this fall when I'm wearing gloves! Nice, cozy, warm gloves <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="br"> And to top all this of, some trees are turning yellow!

Congratulations baby

My sweetheart managed to get his first consultant assignment today! He will work at länspolisstyrelsen for a while as a Sibel expert :D

I'm SO proud of you my love!!


Finished the written exam for the green card and I think that I made it! It wasn't thaT hard and I actually expected more.
There were 30 questions and you were allowed to make six mistakes and I think I made one...I didn't know that you have to know all the colors on the ribbons given, but other than that I think I was very well-prepared.
I have to wait a few days before I get the results, but... I think I have a green card!

It took about 45 minutes for me to finish and then I filled out an evaluation for the course. I gave it high marks :)

Doctor time

Today it was finally time to visit the gynecologist to do the cancer test on my uterus.
I wasn't nervous, the medication I got last time has really helped and I'm sure that the fungus caused all the problems.
The test, which I've done once before, did not hurt at all, it just felt a bit uncomfortable.
And I am sooo not one of those who find it awkward to visit the gynecologist.

The result will come back in three weeks.

My dear, dear Elin

I've spent the whole day at Elin's. it's been great! I love her so much and I'm so glad that we've gotten back together. She is my inspiration.

And omfg it's so freaky how much we are alike. "Bill och bull" like her ex always said.
We think the same, we act the same, we feel the same, we have the same background... It's just so nice to have someone who understands you that completely. And who is as honest as I am.

Elin <3

The last hurdle

I'm on my way.... In just a few hours it will be over.

I will have my green card.

If I pass the test that is. I am just a tad nervous.

Time for a new budget

Since I now know how much money I will earn each month, 19600 SEK, it's time to update my budget according to this number. In the last budget I counted lower and based it on 17000, just to be safe. So, Yey, more money!

Old budget: 

My monthly expenses:
Rent: 1100
Electricity: 250
Cell phone: 250
Internet: 200
Food: 2000
Insurance: 100
Car: 500
CSN: 1000
total amount: 5400

Other expenses, which will be limited to this amount per month:
clothes: 1000
hygiene/beauty products: 500
savings towards horse: 10 000
total amount: 11 500

= 16 900  ~ 17 000

New, real, budget. Before buying a horse.

My monthly expenses:
Rent: 1100
Electricity: 250
Cell phone: 350
Internet: 200
Food: 2000
Insurance: 100
Car: 0
CSN payback: 1000
total amount: 5000

Other expenses, which will be limited to this amount per month:
clothes: 1500
hygiene/beauty products: 1000
savings towards horse: 10 000
Saving towards other stuff: 2000

total amount: 14 500

= 19 500

I have created individual accounts for living expenses, c…

Testing the new iOS 6

This will be my first posts done completely by voice recognition. It's so great and it's so freaky but funny and I hope this will work because my fingers still be happy and more rested.

I did not say still I said will thank you and goodbye this works really well and I am very happy bye-bye.


Well, I bought myself a little something as a reward for getting a job :)


I've bought 20 driving lessons today. 2 are already used so 18 to go. I wonder how well ill be able to drive after these?

I never keep recites but this amount was so scary that I have to.

Thank you mom!

Well done you

Celebrating by doing some window shopping, trying on some nice stuff, and eating yoghurt at espresso house.

the map

So, the fact that I've gotten a job means that I will now start to look for a place for my horse. I've made a map of the area where I want this to be.

First thing of the list

I have finished 1 of the 30 things to do before I turn 30. I have:
Gotten a job.


Hello. My name is Linnéa. Im working with development and support of Kwintets e-commerce system and shop.
Nice to meet you.

I will sign the contract in 4,5 hours. My first day at work will be wednesday the 3d of October. My salary will be 25000 SEK a month. I will work the classical 08-17.

And this means that I will now, finally, after a year of waiting and longing, be able to buy my horse.
I've got a job
I've got a job
I've got a job
I've got a job
I've got a job
I've got a job
I've got a job
I've got a job
I've got a job

I've got a job
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I've got …


Today there were no riding lessons because of the dressage competitions held at Hufvudsta today.

Unfortunately it has been raining for a while and kept raining today so the paddock was W E T and S O A K E D. This also meant that nobody wanted to come watch out in the rain so the place was deserted. But of course me and marre were there! :D there were beautiful horses, amazing riders and some shopping :)

Besides watching the competitions we went to the club room and played a board game, and bough a little something for me.... ;)

Girls life: sleep over

Marre spent the night and we had a very nice and cozy evening with cheese, crackers, ice cream and tea. We played a wii game which we though would be very girly and terrible but actually proved to be great fun!


The chock has lifted. Hope is beginning to brew... If i sign the contract next week.... Buying a horse will be sooooo close....!

Holy shit, oh my apple pie

I just got another call from Bravura. They said that Kwintet really liked me and did not even want a second interview because they were sure! They said that Kwintet would sleep on it but that I could count on getting an offer on Monday and maybe sign a contract the same day.

Oh my god....! Please let this happen!!!!

I also found out that I didn't need to worry about my career, they all wanted me to advance within the company after a while.

If they offer me the position on Monday, I will say yes.

But I will really think about it this weekend to make sure that there is no doubt.

Oh dear god, the job hunting may be over...?!

Educational video

Somehow I found this old video called "my own horse" as a torrent and downloaded it.

It is so old! It's funny to see how young all the well-known Swedish riders are in the video, they are being interviewed about how they started out with their own horses.
Also, it's aimed towards children (and perhaps their parents) which makes it all the more fun.

Second lesson

Just got home from my second driving lesson. It went pretty well. But as usual I'm not all that happy with myself. Both my mom and mathias has told me how easy it will be for me to get the license an yadayada, so as soon as things don't go perfect, I get scared and feel useless.

Next week I have booked three lessons. I'll also go down to the office to buy a pack of 20 lessons. (mom thought I should get my license after 10..)

Decisions, decisions

I am in quite the pickle.

Bravura called me today and said that my interview at Kwintet yesterday had gone well and that I had progressed to the next step. Great. But I'm in a hurry to get Kwinteta decisions as to which two will be employed, since Microsoft will let me know sometime at the end of next week. And if I say no to Microsoft I might end up without a job at all if Kwintet does not offer me the position. I'm so scared. A part of me actually wishes that Microsoft doesn't want me so that I won't have to choose.

I am so confused. I am very doubtful about the job at Microsoft. I swore to myself that I would never again work in sales since it makes me feel like shit. Yet here I am. Moste because Mathias pushed me, otherwise I would never even have gone to the first interview. I hate sales. But this is sales at another level where the customers actually want you to call, where you get to help to improve the business. It's not at all like selling socks to old lad…

Kind of a lot going on

Right now I am in the following processes:
- job at Microsoft
- job at Kwintet
- the green card
- getting my drivers license

If all goes well, there will only be my drivers license that's left by the end of next week.

The practical test

I made it! While wearing very sensible shoes I might ad.

The green card is so close.

Fail but win!!

So after I finished the test and started walking toward the train I called marre. We were both walking through dark scary forests.

And we're talking.... And talking... Until I say that I'm almost at the station called stadion.... And marre says that she is at tekniska hogskolan.... These stations ate located 500 meters from each other!! How the hell did we not realize that we were that close!?

Anyway, we met up and had a nice journey home, together :)

Found shoes


While spending 40 minutes in Liljeholmsgallerian waiting for my interview to start.


Had a job interview at Kwintet this morning. The position is as a first line support and client educator.

I think I would feel much better everyday at work at this place than at Microsoft. Mathias has pushed me to go forward with Microsoft and it doesn't really feel right, especially since the last meeting where the boss scared me and made me feel like I couldn't do it.

Kwintet were to meet with 4 people today and said that they would get back to me very soon. I am quite scared.

Applied for 10 more jobs when I got home.

Tonight's the night

Practical test, here I come!

First driving lesson

It went well. I was nervous, but not very much. My teachers name is Alan and he's a nice, calm man and a seems like a good teacher.

Next lesson will be on Friday and then I've booked three more for next week.
I'm buying a package of 20 lessons.

Alan said I was good.


The last stable is finally renovated. It's great not having to have some horses on the other side of the road, and to have some peace and quiet again.

Oh, and it looks really nice.


Going to my first driving lesson today. Great. So I can fail miserably at something new. Before I fail at the green card. Before I get turned town at Microsoft.

I have to decide which package I want to buy.
I feel lonely, I feel deserted, I feel hopeless, I feel sad... Life really sucks right now.

Microsoft day 4. Last one.

On my way home.

Met THE boss today. He told me that this was the last hurdle. They will contact me soon and let me know.

I am so empty and nervous right now. I had a rough morning and I think I will collapse into tears as soon as I get home. Dear god I'm scared.

So close

Today's September 16th. On the 20th I'll do the practical test for the green card. And on the 25th it's time for the written test.

Then, hopefully, I will have my green card.

With this in mind, I do have to start my serious methodical studying for both these tests now.

I have gone through all of the relevant theoretical material we printed at Marres school. Everything important is highlighted with pink and green. Tonight I will do the same with the book from the course, and then it's just a lot of repetition.


1. The horse; 9 pages
2. Behavior; 4 pages
3. Keeping your horse healthy; 7 pages
4. Skotsel; 6 pages
5. The stable; 7 pages
6. The paddock; 4 pages
7. The trailer; 4 pages
8. Feeding; 5 pages
9. Tack; 5 pages
10. Longering; 1 page
11. Rules and laws; 2 pages
12. In case of emergency; 4 pages

Sunday 16
Finishing going through the book and the binder, highlighting the important stuff.

Monday 17
1-3 binder
3-20 book

Tuesday 18
4-7 binder
21-36 boo…

Bad day

I feel like shit today. Last week really killed me and the bare thought of having to go to another interview tomorrow is terrifying and exhausting.

I don't know how to do this.


Today I met Johan for the first time since we finished out last course in school. He texted me last week and wanted to go shopping, as we always do this time of year.

And, like I always do every single day of the year, I found shoes.

I love and adore them. And they were on sale so I only paid 199!!!!!

A sense of style worthy of ones age...

........or not. This "lovely" lady was in her 50's-60's....

The pic was really hard to get and does not show off all features in this outfit; the shoes with 300 golden spikes on them, the gigantic fake gold earrings or the big dark shades. It was all truly remarkable.

Now don't get me wrong, I am all for people dressing as they want, but when achieving comedy at this level, I am allowed to laugh.

Amazing ride

Todays lesson was aaaamazing! It went so bloody well!

I got to ride Ravell for the first time. A horse which turned out to be a perfect match for me! He was just the most amazing horse ever.

After the lesson my trainer Petra said "oh that was lovely, you are well suited! I don't have any other comments :D"

My self confidence needed this really badly.

Friday night

A great evening at Anna's place where myself, Marre, Christoffer and Michaela were treated to dinner, cheese, wine, cookies and a movie!

But god we were all soooo tired! Granny- tired!

I'm a penny girl!

As a reward to myself for beeing brave and doing a good job this week I've decided to become a member of penny girl, a horse club for kids ^^ I got some advertising stuff sent home by them and I'm falling for it!

For 9 SEK (+39 SEK for postage fees) I'll get...
- 1 mp3 player, perfect to bring to the stables an leave my expensive iPod at home.
- 1 book about different breeds of pints and horses.
- I charm bracelet.
- 1 horse pc game.
- 1 novel.
- 1 magazine for members, with a special box to collect these magazines in.
- 1 big poster.
- 1 sheet of horse tattoos :)
- 1 case for pens and stuff.

I feel excited like a kid!!

Microsoft day 3

Met Thomasina and did the third interview, revolving the OPQ. It went well.

But now I am scared to death, what if I don't get it? What if I do get it?!

To wait is to suffer.

Change of plans

When I was 20 minutes away from my third meeting at Microsoft, Thomasina called me and asked me if I could come an hour later since the OPQ I did yesterday was returned to the office in Ireland that sent it to me. And they are of course an hour behind us ^^

So I spent an hour in Kista galleria (which was deserted), did lots of window shopping, managed to buy exactly 100 grams of nuts, find out that my favorite chain of cheep restaurant has opened a place in the mall, saw a Pressbyrån that was closed due to a break in, and had time to try on a pair of shoes once the shops opened before I had to continue my journey.

And it's raining!!!! <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="br" data-blogger-escaped-happy="happy">

...and another interview.

So, I just got a call... If Microsoft doesn't work out, I have an interview at Kwintet next Thursday. So I made it throught to the next step in that process too! Yey!

I'm beginning to feel a lot more confident about myself getting a good job :)

Microsoft day 2

Another day at microsoft! Today I met the head of HR, an absolutely lovely woman named Lotten. It went very well and I really want to work at this company, it sounds absolutely fantastic!
When I left, she said that she and Mikael would sit down and talk about their impressions of me and whether I should comtinue in this process. 
And a few minutes another wman called and told me to come in tomorrow and, before that,  to do a OPQsent to me right now! Im through to the nest step! But wow... I'm nervous. And more than anything; exhausted! This week has been brutal. 


I was suffering badly from lack of sleep today, so as soon as I got home I ate chocolate and then fell asleep... For 3,5 hours! Now it's 3 pm and I'm having my lunch and getting ready to go visit Örjan.

Buuuut... When I woke up: a new issue of Equipage had arrived!!!

Interview again

This time at Student Consulting for the position of sales and marketing coordinator.

I was totally dead tired from yesterday so it only went okay, not brilliantly like yesterday :)

The green card course day 2

Luckily for me, no practical test this time! Instead, we had a two hour lecture on some of the material from the green card book which we were supposed to get today. However, something had gone wrong so no books had been delivered. But, sneaky as I am, I managed to get one anyway because the teacher had two with her and I was the only one brave enough to stay two minutes extra and ask for one of these ^^

We have gotten quite a lot of homework, things which you are supposed to do in the group but that we won't have time for since this course is so compact. There are 4 crossword puzzles and a quiz, FUN! :D

Goals for this term

I've chosen five goals for this term. I've based them on the fact that I only ride once a week for now.

1. Less reins, more legs. When I'm riding a strong horse I tend to "get stuck" in the hands and forget to use my legs and seat as the primary help.

2. Softer hands. This is directly connected to nr. 1. I'm very proud of my soft hands, but when I "get stuck" my hand become stiff.

3. (this one is the most important one!) focus one myself and less on what others think of my riding. Basically, don't give a shit about what others may think. My bad bad baaaad self esteem has always destroys everything for me. I can't focus and things don't go well and I think I'm the worst person in the world... Yadayadayada.

4. "one glass between the hands"

5. Mimmie is always saying: Long legs - the weight in the legs!

First time

Sitting on the train home when a woman walks up to the group of people sitting where I am. She asks if anyone has some money to give her so that she can buy some food since she is homeless.
Normally I do not give money to beggars since there are soooo many who uses the money to buy drugs or alcohol, or even more common; in Stockholm professional beggars who are not at all poor but connected to the mafia in eastern countries.

But this woman was not one of those. So I gave her all the change I had which was only 6 SEK since I never carry cash.

She patted me on the shoulder and said "thank you so much, take care now"
- you too, I told her.

I wish her well.


Omg I took the wrong train hahaha! I am SO tired!

I take back any wish I might have had regarding the practical test today....

Tired but must go on

Tonight is the second green card meeting.

I'm dead tired from all the suspense what with the interview and everything and I don't know how I'll be able to make it haha :)

On the other hand I do hope that we'll take the practical test today so that I'll get it of my shoulders. :)

I'm resting on my bed warmer at the moment. It truly is the most wonderful thing!


I had an amazing interview at Microsoft today. I think there a very good chance I might get it.
It really did sound like a job I'd be great at.

I'm going back on Thursday to meet someone at the HR-department and do a second interview.

The ball is rolling!

Next Tuesday, on the 18th, at 6 PM, I will take my first driving lesson.

Nervous! But it's nice to have started this process.


"Fire, exclamation mark. Fire, exclamation mark."

This morning we were woken by sirens. There was a fire in the students apartments building nearby. I think it was pretty small and no one got hurt.


Yesterday's riding lesson went well :) I got to ride Lavina for the first time. She was very naughty and mischievous the first half of the lesson and I had to work hard. But the other half we broke through and had a nice time :)

And of course I started my training diary! I wrote about the lesson and then wrote down my goals for the term.

Hell yeah

One thing from my list of 30 things is aaaaalmost done.

I worked for this!

New group

On my way to the stables! Today is the first day in the new group and it feels good.

Of course I brought one of my beautiful new diaries and figured that I'd sit down afterwards and start it! Setting goals for the term and stuff like that :)

I did make a mistake though, I should have worn my jacket today, it's freaking cold! But that can only mean one thing, and that's a great thing; it's fall! And I looooove it!


Yesterday's birthday was seriously the best birthday I've ever had. I can't believe I have such wonderful persons in my life.

Marre came and spent the afternoon with me, and o..m...g.... Honey you are the sweetest and best friend a girl can have, and I'm so thankful for having you in my life <3 br="br"> She brought me these amazing gift; a night at the opera, two beautiful training diaries for me and the horse, a big jar of her home made cream cheese completed by crackers, and home made raspberry-chocolate pralines!!

Then I had to take a nap while marre went home to feed the cats (well, I'm not 18 any more) since I've spent the whole day totally wired up like a four year old.

The day was concluded at the very old and nice restaurant Prinsen. It was me, mathias, marre, mom and her best friend Cia.
The food was great, I was soooo happy and it was the perfect ending to a perfect birthday.

I fell asleep like an unconscious person as soon as we got …