Goals for this term

I've chosen five goals for this term. I've based them on the fact that I only ride once a week for now.

1. Less reins, more legs. When I'm riding a strong horse I tend to "get stuck" in the hands and forget to use my legs and seat as the primary help.

2. Softer hands. This is directly connected to nr. 1. I'm very proud of my soft hands, but when I "get stuck" my hand become stiff.

3. (this one is the most important one!) focus one myself and less on what others think of my riding. Basically, don't give a shit about what others may think. My bad bad baaaad self esteem has always destroys everything for me. I can't focus and things don't go well and I think I'm the worst person in the world... Yadayadayada.

4. "one glass between the hands"

5. Mimmie is always saying: Long legs - the weight in the legs!


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