Since I've been a bit.. ridiculous.... about turning 25, I thought I'd make the mos of it and make the most nostaligc, most-important-song playlist I could think of! In alphabetical order, from my whole life. 

So here goes; This is the soundtack of my life.

13 And God - Low Heaven
3 Doores Down - Kryptonite
A Covenant of Thorns- Drive Me Home
Alice In Videoland - Radio Song
All Saints - Pure Shores
Amy Diamond - Shooting star
Anathema - Empty
Anna Ternheim - Shoreline
Apocalyptica - Hope vol.2
Aqua - Barbie Girl
A-teens - I Promise Myself
Athamay - Kiss The Whip
Avril Lavigne - Skater Boy
Backstreet boys - The call
Benny Benassi - Satisfaction
Björn och Benny -  Du Måste Finnas
Bobby Gaylor - Suicide
Britney Spears - Stronger
Christina Aguilera - Fighter
Coldplay - Yellow
Combichrist - This Shit Will Fuck You Up
Cradle of Filth - Nymphetamine Fix
Eminem - Lose Yourself
Evanescence - Bring Me To Life
Fragma - Tocas Miracle
Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends
Gwen Stefani - What You Waiting For
HIM - Right Here In My Arms
Howard Shore, Annie Lennox - Into The West
Jack Off Jill - Viveca
Kent - Vid Din Sida
Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch
Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes
Linkin Park - In The End
Lykke Li - Possibility
Madonna - Frozen
Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston - When You Believe
Marilyn Manson - Coma White
Mimikry - En Flicka Som Är Stark
Moby - Natural Blues
My Dying Bride - Catherine Blake
Nelly Furtado - Say It Right
Nickelback - How You Remind Me
Nightwish - Dead boys poem
Nordman - Vandraren
N'sync - It's Gonna Be Me
Oasis - Wonderwall
Our Lady Peace - Are You Sad
Paradise Lost - I Am Nothing
Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe
Rihanna - Umbrella
Rollergirl - Superstar
Röyksopp, Robyn - What Else Is There?
Safari Duo - Played A Live
Scooter - Nessaja
Shakira - Hips Don't Lie
Shebang - Romeo
Silent Hill 4 OST - Angel
Spice Girls - Spice Up Your Life
Stefan Nilsson, Helene Sjöholm - Gabriellas Sång
Sugababes - Overload
Sugarplum Fairy - Sweet Jackie
T.a.T.u - All The Things She Said
Takida - Curly Sue
The Knife - Pass this on
The Postal Service - Such Great Heights
The Rasmus - In The Shadows
Thom Yorke - Hearing Damage
Type O Negative - October Rust
Westlife - Against All odds


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