The Green Card course day 1

So i arrived at Stockholms fälrtittsklubb early, because I'm always early, and tried to find my way to the club meeting room which proved to be a bit of a challenge. But, I finally made it and met another girl from the course on the way. Eva was very nice and we were a persons on the course, 2 older than me and 5 younger.

I was very surprised when I heard that the course has been changed. It will no longer focus on TR and how to find stuff in it, but on security when handling horses, both at home and when competing. The test will not be easy anymore.

Today we started of with some general info and then we watched a movie made specifically for this course. It was quite lame an old fashioned but it's message was clear.

Until next time we have to take a certificate to our trainers (who have to be officially approved) to get them to validate that we have the skills and achievements specified on the certificate. We are also to look through TR and answer questions from one of the old tests.

Next time we will get books about the green card which we will study both at home and together.

Also. Next time or the one after we will do the practical test. This consists out of three parts:
1. Correctly show the horse as you would during an inspection for a veterinarian or judge.
2. Perform a correct complete visitation of the horse.
3. Correctly work with the horse in/with a trailer.

Then on the fourth time we will take the written theoretical test.

This is fun! :D

I have also paid both for the course and the SFK membership fee.

And omg it's DARK outside!!! Creepy walking to the train through a forest.


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