Wow, I can really feel it drawing closer… A new horse…

Since I’m not allowed to use straw in the stables I’ll have to decide what to use instead. Karolina stood on chips which was okay, the horses at Hufvudsta stands on peat which is also okay but it is sooo dark an gloomy and the stable is already extremely dark and boarded up so I don’t really want to use it.

I’m starting to look into a new kind of bedding called straw pellets which is supposed to be a revolution. It’s light, bright, long lasting and on top of it all it’s cheap. The more I read about it the more people I find who loves it. I’ll just double check with Yvonne to see if it’s okay, and of course do some more research before I make my mind up.

I will of course post my knowledge about the different kinds of bedding.


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