Back up leading to insight

I just finished my back-up of my blog.

I started it on the 17th of April, on blogger. There I wrote 561 posts until the 24th of November when I moved here.

The back up from blogger resulted in a word document consisting of 598 pages, 42 764 words. That’s quite impressive.

But most importantly; going through all these old entries, spanning almost a year back, I realize how incredibly far I’ve come. How everything that seemd impossible, horrible and terrifying all worked out. Every single thing. I totally made it. I finished my bachelor. I got a job. I got my green card. I got a stable. I am in the process of byuing a horse. I am on my way towards my drivers license. I’ve got money.

I did it. And I am really, really proud of myself. It sure as hell did not come for free.


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