As usual on the weekends I’m on my way towards a driving lesson. I’m soooo sick of these! Not sure way as I’m still learning, but for some reason I feel a strong anxiety and anguish befor each and every lesson. Normally this passes once I’m in the car and have been driving for a few minutes. But beforehand it’s torture.

It’s less than a month left before my drivers test, and less than two weeks before the theoretical test. God I hope I will pass both. I will be amazing to have this over with.

When I get back home today I’ll have to look into how many lessons are left for me, I think I’ll have to buy about 10-20 more seeing as each week costs 5 lessons; 1 for the one morning I’m driving each week and 4 for the two dubbel lessons I’m taking on Saturdays and Sundays.
Alan feels confident that I’ll pass the test if I continue to drive this way until the test.

I’m already nervous like hell.


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