working hard

The clinic has been booked; monday the 21st at 13.30 we’ll do the inspection. And if all goes well, Valle will be coming with me home afterwards.

The bank has been contacted. The money will be on my account on Thursday. (god I love beeing a private banking customer, they do eveything in their power to help me.)

My amazingly sweet Marre will help me on Monday morning. We’ll drive out all the stuff to the stable and prepare the stall and so on.

I’m just about to order blankets and stuff from Hööks, as I got to know all of his sizes yesterday.

I have told Yvonne about me arriving on the 21st, waiting for her final okay.

Still to do today:

- Check if it is possible to take over Valles current insurance.

- Fix an addition insurance for myself as everything concerning horses and riding is not covered in my home insurance.

- Get an SMS from Malin with a list of Valles fodder.

- Find a place that sells this fodder.


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