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1 day to Summer

Only one day left until I get to bring my darling Vasara home. I haven’t been able to thing about anything but her and PRINCE2 this whole week. I am so exited and happy and full of anticipation…. I made this happen, after all the work and setbacks and I never have up.

In just one day, my sweet Vasara, you’ll be home,

Evaluating the new Hööks shop

Today was my first visit to the new Hööks shop which has opened in the middle of central Stockholm (finally!).
At first I was a bit scared because when I looked through the window I could only see a shop about 40 square feet. But then I went inside, and saw that there was a second floor below, where all the action was.

It was just great. Everything neat, easy to find and grab, all their items… I was very happy. This is by far my favorite shop.
And to top it of, the staff were incredibly nice,

There is only one thing that I found annoying; the large amount of children who were visiting the shop, buying stuff like horse candy.

I am very happy.


Okey. I’ve seriously just experienced the best shopping ever.
So I went to Hööks. Dug like a rabbit and found the single outdoor blanket left in the right size of the discounted blankets. Yey! Then I turn around and see that the indoor blanket I’ve wanted is on 50% off…! Yey!
Then I go to the checkout. And I found out that the 100 SEK off wasn’t just in the web shop. So 100 SEK off. AND then I realize that I have 150 SEK off from my stamp card… Sooo…. For two really awesome blankets I paid… La la la…. 348 SEK!!!! It’s like a joke, it’s so cheep!

And, ill make it back to the office within my lunch time. Awesome.

Muscle pain

I can tell that I haven’t been in the saddle for a few weeks before yesterday; my but hurts, my inner thighs hurt and some muscles in the back hurts.
I can only image the pain I will go through in the beginning of riding every day….

Travel time

Just three weeks after my last job related travel it’s time again. Me and Tomas will leave for Copenhagen in a few hours. It will not be a relaxing trip with time to see the city, on the contrary; I’ll be in training between 8 and 5.30 and then I will have 2-3 horse worth of homework. God I hope I’ll pass the certification exam…!

Lunch shopping

I’m on my way to Hööks, hoping to be able to take part of some of the ‘new shop’ deals on blankets. I will make sure to bargain, and buy the rest online where I have 100 SEK discount. Score!

…and I could have kept Valles blankets, they are the same size… Haha.


The day began at 6 am. I quickly got dressed and packed some stuff, and of we went.

I brought my pre-course material for next weeks course, and my trusty companion Klas the mouse, who has been with me during lots of things, including job interviews (hidden in the bag) ^^

We made it down just in time, to Nydala equestrian. Vasara was already being warmed up by Katja.

After looking at Katja riding I sat up. And I loved her. Jumped a few obstacles and I loved her even more.

I had no choice but to seal the deal. We will pick her up next Saturday. Then I can finally begin to really live my horse life.

I present to you; Vasara, my new horse


In serious chock

I bought a horse one hour ago.

Danger, Will Robinson

I had a three hour long driving lesson this morning, which almost ended in chaos. I was so exhaused after the long lesson that I made a very stupid mistake and almost crashed with a bus….

The weight of success

Yesterdays visit at Mando went extremely well. I’m back up at my goal weight and everything is looking great!! I’m very proud of myself

Only thing to be worried about is the risk that I will loose weight when I’ll be riding everyday. Perhaps I’ll have to keep to my food schedule in the beginning to make sure I eat enough.

Safety first

My new body protector is awesome. I’ll bring it tomorrow!

Flower power

Mathias has given me flowers twice this month, roses on valentines day and tulips yesterday because I was tired. God he is the most amazing man imaginable.

Road trip

We’ll leave home at 06:30 tomorrow and begin our journey to Jönköping. At 11 we’ll be at Nydala Equestrian where Katja Falk or some of her staff will meet us with Vasara and Urania G. I’ll ride both of them, and hopefully fall in love. If I don’t, we will go with them home to their stable where I can try some other horses.

Vasara is an 8 year old mare who has competed in 120 cm show jumping and L:B dressage.

Urania G is an 11 year old mare who has competed in 115 cm show jumping and L:B dressage.


In 25 hours we will be in Jönköping. I’m nervous, but mostly I’m very excited. I will ride Urania and Vasara in the ménage and maybe Portos out on the field afterwards. Hopefully I will sign a contract for one if these horses and decide a delivery date. I don’t want to wait any longer. God I hope one of these horses is the right one for me.

On the road

I’m on my way from the office to Mando. As usual I’m a tad nervous, am it will be good to get it over with.

Hope gone

Katja Falk emailed me. Pegass passed the inspection but won’t be arriving until Wednesday… So no Pegass for me. She asked if I wanted to come down during the week instead, as next weekend was already fully booked… But seriously, some of us have jobs to go to.

So, now I will rethink the horses a bit. The two I really wanted are not there so I will ride my spares. But I’m not sure if I want to change these. I’ll have to have a look.

We will borrow Mathias’ fathers car as it will be sooo much cheaper than ours. We’ll leave super early on Sunday morning and have a great day together.

A night at the office

Tonight we have had lots (lots) of Indian food, wine, music and laughter while cleaning up a bit at the office. It been great fun! I can’t even imagine how much stuff we’ve thrown away… 100 kilo of clothes probably, and 200 kilo of catalogues and yadayada. I bring a whole bag of clothes home with me

God damn I love my colleagues.

Very unprofessional

I emailed Katja Falk to ask if Pegass would go through a clinic inspection or one at home tomorrow. I got the answer that she didn’t know, but that it didn’t matter. I replied that I did matter to me.

The response? It’s so fucking rude that I will have to post it directly here. Oh, and she sent me three emails in a row, within 10 minutes.

Read it an weep. I’m so angry. I’m a potential customer, and a very polite one at that – and this is how they treat me:

Ofta beror det på att de böjer hårdare än de borde på klinikerna!!!
ALLA hästar ger utslag på böjprov om man böjer fel!! Grejen är enligt mig att en gårdsveterinär böjer för att se OM hästen ÄR halt eller inte…. Medan kliniker ofta böjer lite för hårt – eftersom de vana att oftast göra hältuttedningar!!
Så om en häst är ua på ett böjprov så är den ua! Det finns vissa kliniker som springer på tex betonggolv etc vilket vissa gårdsveterinären kanske inte har tillgång till (alla gårdar har ju inte som vi en asfaltsväg utanför man kan a…

Sad surprise

Alice has resigned. She will be here for one more month and then she’s gone. She has decided to follow her dream to work with children instead, and feels like this is her last chance as she is 33 years old. She doesn’t want to waste more time.

This is very sad for me, I like her very much. Also it’s a bit of a catastrophe because the company have spent muuuch resources to train her. And this leaves me and Tomas standing alone.

So now we will hire two new people instead of one. 50 people applied for the one position in just a few days so it will be quite easy to find someone I hope. I will get to conduct the interviews together with Tomas to make sure we find the right person.

We are looking for someone with education within IT and advertising/similar, knowledge of Magento and with MUCH ambition. Know someone to recommend?

God if things were hectic before…. I don’t even dare to think of how they will become, with one person gone and two new to train.

Early morning drive

On my way to Kista for another of these early driving lessons. I don’t have to do it every day this week thank god, only today. Then we’ll drive this weekend. But since I’ll be gone on Sunday I’m not sure how we’ll manage.


One of the girls who work at Katja Falk is trying to tell me that it doesn’t matter whether the inspection is done at a clinic or at home… Seriously?! I knew there was potentially a big difference before and I’ve just experienced it myself with Valle. So shut the fuck up, find out why kind of inspection it is, and get back to me.
And come on, am I supposed to take them seriously as a company when they 1) don’t even know what kind of inspection is done and 2) says that it doesn’t matter?!

2 months to go….

…. until this years show jumping world cup final is held! Sooo exiting! Henrik von Eckermann and Jens Fredicson have both been impossibly awesome, and are on a 7th and 8th place before the finale…! Rolf Göran is on place 15 and Malin Baryard Johnsson on 17. This means… THAT THEY HAVE ALL QUALIFIED TO THE FINALE!

A glimpse of hope

After seeing that the second horse I was interested in in Jönköping had also disappeared from the homepage, I sent an email to them asking about both of the horses. And; the horse that I’m suuuuper interested in is not sold after all, the arrival had just been delayed! He will go through inspection on Thursday and hopefully he’ll arrive on Friday…. But they are not sure. But anyhow; HOPE!

Unfortunately the other horse will not be coming at all

Dodging a rat

I took a short walk after I had eaten my lunch today. I went down to the water.
Suddenly there was a lot of action going on in the air above me; 4 big seagulls (god they are BIG up close with their wings spread) were doing some weird bird stuff, but to me it seemed like they were fighting. Suddenly, one of the birds dropps something in front of me.
It was a rat. And by that I mean both to say what it was; a rat, AND to say that i wasn’t a rat any longer. All that was left was a long, fat tail and furry skin with some bones attached.
I can’t help wondering how I would have reacted if I had a bit further ahead and gotten the thing dropped on my head.


I couldn’t find the receipt for Hööks yesterday. I looked everywhere; in my horse binder, my bags, the drawers…. So I thought, it has to be in one of the bags of stuff in the stable. So off we went. And I didn’t fun that cursed receipt! And I never lose stuff!

So we had to take a chance and go to the store anyway. And we were so lucky, thanks to the fact that I had payed by card and that I have my bank as an app in my phone, I was able to produce all the details she needed to find the receipt in her computer, and I was able to return everything. Success!

Show me the money!

During lunch today I finally went to the bank to get the money I planed to spend on Valle back into my account. As I was a bit ashamed that this was the second time I had to do this, I decided to go to another bank office than the one I normally use. So, off I went, the clock ticking.
Once I arrived at the bank I had to wait for 20 minutes as there were 3 people before me. Seriously, 3 persons = 20 minutes!? And the clock kept ticking. When I finally made it to the bank man he told me that the person who issued this cheque, whom he knew by the way, had made a mistake and therefor he couldn’t give me my money back. I had to go back to the office who issued the cheque.

So, there I was, with 15 minutes left of my lunch break, without any money.
I rushed in to Burger King and bought some lunch and then rushed back to the subway.

I was very disappointed and suddenly I found myself getting off the subway and strayed walking toward the normal bank office. There I ha to wait for a total of 5…


I have now talked to Alan and gotten a new date for my drivers test. I will not tell anyone except my boss Tomas when this will be, in two days or 2 months, I will just keep it to myself and ease some of the pressure.

Driving test

The driving lessons this weekend did not go to plan, nor did the ones which were supposed to take place today and tomorrow.

I had booked three hours of driving on Saturday, but some stupid person at the office had dubbel booked Alan that time. And he couldn’t reach the other student because he was a new student. So I got to drive 40 minutes instead of 160.

Sunday was good, drove three hours. We practiced by doing small driving tests and I learnt a lot, in particular that my fear that my nerves might take the best of me is very much justified.

Then I was suppose to drive both today and tomorrow but the times I can drive, that is, before work, is taken because there are people taking their tests these days. And I can’t take more time off work.

So, the result: I will not be taking my final test this Wednesday. I am weighing on the thin line of passing/not passing and I am no prepared to take the risk as the test will cost me about 3000 SEK.
I would need about one more week of lessons be…


Feels like everything is starting to go to hell. The amaaaaazing horse Pegass who I was prepared to buy on the spot in Jönköping is gone. If I had gone down this past weekend instead of the next he could have been mine. But Mathias had to be away on that weekend out of all the weekends of the year. So there goes that horse.


19 day cruise to Antartica booked, for 2014. OMG it will be sooo awesome! And then I will have been to both artica and antartica.

Friday night lights

Tonight will be yummie indeed, me, Anna and Christoffer are going to Texas Long Horn to enjoy their amazing food. Steaks, baby back ribs, corn cobbs….

Yum yum yum!!

Getting embarrassing

I’ll have to go back to the bank again today, to return the check and put the money back into my account. This is getting silly as this will be the second time I have created a check and then had to cancel it. Maybe I’ll visit a different bank office….

Nice conference

Mathias is enjoying himself in Åre this weekend, they are having a conference today and tomorrow will be spent skiing. Mathias is really happy, he’s an awesome skier and ha spent many vacations skiing in the alps. So he packed his whole skiing equipment an left with the night train last night. He’ll be back on Sunday so I’ll have the apartment to myself for a few days.

I already miss him.

Another week at its end

Boy oh boy time flies. Wasn’t it Monday yesterday? Suddenly we’re about to enjoy a weekend again. For me, this weekend will entail drivin, driving and driving. I will drive 3 hours on Saturday and 3 hours on Sunday. And after Sundays lesson we’ll decide wether I’m ready to take the drivers test or not. If not, we’ll drive another week and then do the test.
I’ve taken 50 lesson of 40 minutes. That’s 2000 minutes, 33 hours, of driving lessons.

I will also try to get as much rest as possible, and to do some PRINCE2 studying as I’ll be going to Copenhagen the week after next to (hopefully) get my certification. I really like PRINCE2, but it was veeeery unfortunate that the course had to be now, in February the month of death, as I am beyond swamped at work and with the driving lessons and trying to get a horse into the stable, and the trip to Borås.

We have decided to have a celebration at the office when February is over.


Today it’s that time of year again; Valentines day. I LOVE this day and take it very seriously. It’s a great chance to show some love to your partner and an excuse to give and receive gifts.  :)

Unfortunately this year Mathias is going away on a job trip in the evening and before that we’ll have to go to the stable and pick up the stuff we bought for valle which we now need to return. Again… I tried to tell Mathias that it was not necessary to drive it out to the stable but he didn’t want to drive with the extra weight in the trunk. So instead of a romantic dinner in the light of candles we will have to kiss in the car on the parkinglot at Hööks  And that sounds pretty nice too ^^

Katja Falk booked

Next Sunday at 11 am I will try two horses, Pegass and Okrzemka, if they have arrived by then. I will ride these two horses in the indoor menage and if they are not right for me I am able to try more horses outside.

If they have not arrived by then I will try Vasara and Urania.

Katja Falk

Next weekend, hopefully, me and Mathias will drive down to Katja Falk in Jönköping. I just emailed her and I’m hoping to receive a positive response.

Crying again

Valle didn’t pass the inspection this time around either. SO, now I give up and start looking elsewhere again.


We drove all the stuff out to the stable. The money is in the account. The hook is attached to our car.



I just got offered, and accepted, to continue working at Kwintet, employed by Kwintet.
GOD this feels good!! And dear god I’ve worked hard for this.


….It’s time to go back to the clinic with Valle. And, once again, if all goes well he’ll be coming home with me.

Mathias will drive out to Rosenhill. We’ll borrow Malins trailer and drive out to the clinic. And then hopefully we’ll drive him straight home afterwards. The first time our car will pull a trailer, and the first time Mathias will drive a car with a trailer….

I have said that I want to buy the dressage saddle. I cannot afford both straight away and have proposed that we can make some kind of installment for the other saddle.

I will have to go to the bank and make a new check. This would be great if it could be done after work today but ofcourse the bank closes at 3pm…. So I will have to squeeze this appointment in tomorrow, between leaving work (yes, I will go to work in the morning) and being picked up by Mathias. God I hope there aren’t any old ladies having troubles and holding up the line for hours….

The appointment at the clinic is at 13:30. This means that we’ll have…


Malin just told me that she had the saddles valued. She bought them for 25.000 each and now they are worth 15.000. I can get both for 25.000.

I’m not sure what to do, I’m thinking about buying one, the dressage saddle, but it’s a lot of money. And it might be better to save the money and save up for a new saddle and buy a cheap one to start with.

I’ll have to think about this.


Tomorrow I will call the clinic to book in the new inspection for Valle. I will try really hard to book in for Tuesday or Wednesday because then Mathias will ba able to drive me and Valle to and from the inspection and hopefully home to the stable.

I have talked to Yvonne and she was so happy to hear about Valle and will be keeping her fingers crossed for us.

I will talk to Tomas now, since my work will be suffering for a day again.

The intensive week

Since I’ve missed a whole week of driving due to work and stuff, it’s time to panic. I just talked to Alan and we planned for me to drive 13 lessons the coming week. And then on Sunday we’ll know if I am ready to take to final test or not.

I will drive between 7 and 8 Monday-Friday and then 80 minutes before lunch and 80 more after lunch on both Saturday and Sunday. God I will die.
Grocery shopping with the car, its’s the BEST!

Shopping @ Hööks (again…:))

We took the car to Hööks, and once again I bought blankets and fodder for Valle. I’ts in the trunk and in the hall.

I also bought the safety vest I ordered from them the last time I was there. It fitted perfect!

Sweet Marre

I went shopping with Marre yesterday after I had finished and passed my exam. And she came bearing a gift; yummie chocolate! Thank you my dear <3

Oh, and we ate all of it ^^

Offer accepted

Malin has accepted my offer of paying 40000 for Valle!

AND, she had found the dressage results which were not in tdb. And they look fine. Nothing weird about them. So it might well be that the ‘tuppspatt’ is not that apparent when Valle is in good shape and warmed up.

I have asked her if I should book a new time at the clinic.

New penny girl package!

I think the next one will be my last, it will contain the third part of the pc-game which I’ve been waiting for. Then I’ll read through the last books and then sell them in a package

The day of rest

Today I’m planning on doing absolutely nothing at all. God it will be good!

A trying day

Mathias is on his way to his Sibel certification. So this day have been a big deal for both of us. Hopefully he will pass his test also.

“I passed the test”

And this time around I feel like Galadriel when she says “I passed the test…”

Yey I passed my theoretical test! “Only” the practical driving test left now.


Waiting for the test to start in 25 minutes. I had to take the picture for my license already now. And I knew this beforehand, but I was too tired to care both today and yesterday. So as a result my pic is one of the worst in the history of man. And I really don’t give a fuck. Thank god I am mature enough not to spend an hour prepping before this, like a 14 year old.

The day

Today is the day when I’ll be writing my theoretical exam for my drivers license.
I think I will fail.

I am TIRED, suffering from headache and menstrual pains. And I am working full time, meaning that I haven’t had enough time to study at all.


I LOVE our new car!! It’s awesome.
It has great design, great features, smoot flow, very resistant to ice…. It’s basically the best car ever.

I haven’t named it yet, as last night was the first time a saw it. And I was so tired I could hardly remember my own name. But I have rules out cute names like “Nisse” which our old car was called.
This car is a cool, stable, strong and calm car. Nisse was a happy, easy going, very relax retired car just enjoying his last days.

Bye bye Borås

On my way home.
Mathias will pick me up at the central station, in our lovely new car <3

Valle 2.0

I’ve offered 40.000 för Valle, if he goes through a full clinic inspection with me present. I also want to se her results from the dressage competitions as these cannot be found in tdb.

“It’s done.”

I feel sort of like Frodo. You know, in the return of the king when he and sam has just escaped mount doom and he sais “It’s done”.

the training is over. Both me and alice are completely dead, mangled, stamped and squashed. But it’s over, it’s done.

To sum it all up, it was noting like we had expected.. Nor what they had expected. What was, from our perspective and preparation, supposed to be a training of a system which has been developed for 2 years and have now been released was from their perspective supposed to be a workshop for how we would designt the system before building it…..

I have had suffer severe business politics, to put it mildly. And I am very proud of both myself and alice and how we handled it.

But dear god… it’s over.


Yes. Mangled.

Are you kidding me?!

Last night, when we finally arrived at the hotel, there were some problems checking in; the money disappeared. But it turned out fine I’m the end.

But then……. When I go up to my room, tired and extremely ready to sleep, I put the card in the door, open it…. An there is a naked woman lying in my bed.

There had been something wrong in the system so my room was occupied.

I went down to the desk again and got another room.

Based on all the bad luck yesterday, today is sure to be a success.


I have been so stressed that I haven’t been able to sleep for several nights. This is really affecting me, I’m getting hair brained and irradic and do weird things. I’m hoping, and counting on, that I will be normal again on Friday afternoon. Then I can relax, collapse, and rebound.

On Friday at 2 pm the training will be over. The theoretical drivers test will be over. And I will have more time for other things at work again, which have been postponed for a while due to the training.

But right here and now I feel like shit. I am dead tired. Stressed until the point of nausea and on top of it all I’m suffering bad from PMS. I just want to sleep.

Lunch with Bravura

Today me and Alice had lunch with Bravura, that is, with our consultant manager Sofie. It was nice. We talked about how we like it and how we feel about the future and stuff. And since we’ve worked here for four months, she said that we will get an offer from Kwintet in about a month.
I will say yes, for sure, and so will Alice.

Stuck in the middle with you

I hate, haaaate, HATE the Swedish public transportation system and SJ, the company responsible for the train traffic.

I’m on my way to Borås. 20 minutes into the trip the train suffer a power outage. Seriously!? So we’re standing there. In the middle of the woods. In complete darkness.

And when we are finally on our way, we end up in a queue. Of trains. So we have to drive very slow.

The consequences? We are late late late and have missed our connecting train and will have to take THE BUSS to Borås from some god forsaken village called Herrljunga.

When we will arrive? Nobody knows.
All I know is that I’m supposed to hold 8 hours of lectures tomorrow and then 8 more on Thursday. And I need my fucking sleep.

I will not forget this, SL.

decisions decisions….

Yesterday I got a text. From Malin, the owner of Valle. She had been to the clinic with him again and this time he had passed without any remarks.

However, he has clearly got ‘tuppspatt’. I’ve read a lot about it and this will stop me from competing in dressage.

So; do I buy Valle and give up competing in dressage and only train, and focus solely on jumping? Or do I follow the general advice “don’t buy a broken horse if you can buy a whole one”?

One thing is for sure, that is that Valle is not worth 49.000 any more.

I don’t know what to do. But I think I will say no and look for another horse. It’s just sooo tempting to buy Valle so that I can be finished with this procedure. And that’s not a good enough reason to give up on 50% of what I want to do.


Tomorrow me and Alice are leaving for Borås where we will hold the KWS 2.o version course and certification. I’m both nervous and excited. I really want this to be a great success.

Back on track

This past week has been a low point for this blog. I haven’t had the time, the energy or the desire to blog.

But now it’s over! Time go get back on track and the ass out of the wheelbarrow!

Dinner with Jessica

Jessica had dinner with us Saturday night.
Grilled salmon with potatoes, asparagus and bechamel sause. Yum yum and so nice to have her here <3 she is such a nice and fun person.


When Mathias came home today, he had bought a car!!!! FINALLY WE HAVE A CAR AGAIN!

It’s sooooo nice and awesome and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now we can drive far away and look at horses outside of Stockholm!


Last week I finished my second mandatory course for my drivers license; driving on extreme ice, panic braking, and so forth.
It was so much fun!!

Weird day

Yesterday was spent in bed and then on the couch. I was dead. All my enery was utterly spent. My body just said ‘no more!’ And so; I was just lying there. Resting.

God I needed it, everything feels so much better now.

Shopping with mom

Mom bought clother for me today, for 7000 SEK…!
We had such a great time and it’s awesome not having to shop at H&M and other low-cost brands. It was one of the thing I said I would stop doing once I had been working for a while. And getting good stuff from fashion designers as a gift is amazing. Thank you SOOOO much mom!

I bought lunch for us and Mathias joined us at the end and bought a nice shirt at Ströms.