Driving test

The driving lessons this weekend did not go to plan, nor did the ones which were supposed to take place today and tomorrow.

I had booked three hours of driving on Saturday, but some stupid person at the office had dubbel booked Alan that time. And he couldn’t reach the other student because he was a new student. So I got to drive 40 minutes instead of 160.

Sunday was good, drove three hours. We practiced by doing small driving tests and I learnt a lot, in particular that my fear that my nerves might take the best of me is very much justified.

Then I was suppose to drive both today and tomorrow but the times I can drive, that is, before work, is taken because there are people taking their tests these days. And I can’t take more time off work.

So, the result: I will not be taking my final test this Wednesday. I am weighing on the thin line of passing/not passing and I am no prepared to take the risk as the test will cost me about 3000 SEK.
I would need about one more week of lessons before taking the test, but it might be about a month it queue…. Dammit I just want to be finished


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