….It’s time to go back to the clinic with Valle. And, once again, if all goes well he’ll be coming home with me.

Mathias will drive out to Rosenhill. We’ll borrow Malins trailer and drive out to the clinic. And then hopefully we’ll drive him straight home afterwards. The first time our car will pull a trailer, and the first time Mathias will drive a car with a trailer….

I have said that I want to buy the dressage saddle. I cannot afford both straight away and have proposed that we can make some kind of installment for the other saddle.

I will have to go to the bank and make a new check. This would be great if it could be done after work today but ofcourse the bank closes at 3pm…. So I will have to squeeze this appointment in tomorrow, between leaving work (yes, I will go to work in the morning) and being picked up by Mathias. God I hope there aren’t any old ladies having troubles and holding up the line for hours….

The appointment at the clinic is at 13:30. This means that we’ll have to leave Rosenhill at 13:00. Malin will have to have Valle ready to go when we get there so that we can just put him in the trailer and go, so we should be there around 12:45. It takes about 30 minutes to go from Liljeholmen to Rosenhill, so mathias should pick me up at the bank around 12. The bank is only one stop with the subway from work so I should leave work at 11:30. It will be tight, but it’s all I have time for, literally…

Tomorrows schedule:

06:00 Wake up

06:20 Leave home

07:00 Be in Spånga, 1 hour driving lesson

08:40 Arrive at work.

11:20 leave work, go to bank in Hornstull.

12:00 Picked up by Mathias.

12:40 Arrive Rosenhill.

13:00 Leave Ronsenhill.

13:30 Arrive at clinic.

14:00 Hopefully on my way home with Valle <3


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