7 days to a saddle

I was in such good luck yesterday. Åsa in the stable is one of the owners of the great second-hand shop back-2-use. It turns out the her colleague is an expert on saddles and she will be coming out to Lunda on Saturday to try out some of their saddels on another horse. So of course I’ll take part of this aswell! I will save soo much money, she takes 500 sek for the fitting and then I’ll be bale to buy one of the fitted saddles for a very good price. amazing!

The sad thing is that I will have to exercie Vasara by lunging all week, which is not at all good for her joints. This in combination the she has just moved to a new place and getting different feeding routines doesn’t feel very great. But neither does riding her bareback 7 days….I wish I could work her in reins from the ground but I have never done that. The last option is to let her rest for a week but that doesn’t feel very good either. OR; I’ll buy a crap saddle for 2000 sek from Hööks and use this for the week before either returning it or throwing it to the fishes.

We’ll see.


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