This post will be an angry post about commitment.

I'm so fucking sick of hearing grown up people complain about their lives and how things aren't served on a silver platter. As soon as their dreams don't come knocking on their door, they give up and complain and feel sorry for themselves. For fucks sake just take control and responsibility over your own life!! Do you seriously expect someone to call you up, saying "hello I've never met you or heard of you but I'd just LOVE to give you this great job which you've been dreaming of! Oh and by the way, please accept this nice apartment also".

Seriously folks!
I can only think of my childhood friend as the perfect example. She had this amazing horse, really amazing. But my friend was not a good rider and on top of that really impatient. In a very short time she had tried show jumping, dressage, horse racing, eventing, western style.... And of course failed at all of these things. She had given it a month or so of training and then she tried two competitions and of course it didn't go well. And everytime she failes, and blamed it on something else (most often her pony) and changed course.

This same behaviour is everywhere. people just changing their majors over and over, forever studying, never taking the step out into the real world as an adult. COME ON a job is something that is earned, not just given. If you don't apply how on erath will you ger anywhere?If you don't go out and shake hands are create contact and a network, do you really think you will succeed?

If you have a dream, just fucking do it.

It's not the responsibility of the society to serve your life. Make your own money, don't just live on charity and contributions. Deserve something on your own.

God damn I hate humanity.


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