Copenhagen day 1 – 26/2

After a long trip by train Monday afternoon – evening we finally arrived in Copenhagen. The train was of course late, it always is with the pathetic SJ; we had to stand still in the middle of the woods for 1 hour due to some error on the tracks.

I spent the train ride studying my PRINCE2 for dummies and the PRINCE2 manual and also looking at some funny clips and pic on my iPad. And eating candy.

When we arrived at the hotel, Tomas was SOOO nice and gave me an upgrade to my room. SO I got this hugh room with a bubble bath and a king-size bed and lots and lots of space. It was awesome. I can really recommend this hotel to anybody visiting Copenhagen, Kong Arthur.

the course took place at the DARK Cosomolgy center. It is a truly amazing place and we actually got treated to a lecture on space, spacedust and black holes by one of the foremost cosmologists in Scandinavia, Anja C. Andersen.

The course material was hard, and I was so glad that I had read throught the books before coming here. We celebrated having survived the first day by going to a spanish restaurant where I had a lovely rack of lamb with rosemary sauce.


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