Day 1

Today will be kind of a weird day; I will have to rush things a bit in the stable because I’m having a drivers lesson at 2 pm (the only time he could) and the only buss I can take will see me arrive at Lunda around 11:20. Mathias is dead from all the driving yesterday (700 kilometers) so he will have to sleep instead of giving me a lift out to the stable. But he will pick me up afterwards and drive me to Hallonbergen where the lesson will start.

Anyway, I will only have around 2 hours of stable time. And in this time I am supposed to: ´

- Muck out the hugh stall

- Bring my baby in from the pasture and give her lots of love and care

- 40 minutes of lunging

Oh my applepie, I want my drivers license….


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