Day 2

I'm so happy. Yesterday went so well!
We arrived quite late at the stable, 7 pm, and while I took Vasara out of her stall and started grooming Mathias fixed the fodder and then mucked out the stall. Ha did so well, I was so proud of him and felt so much love watching him.

Vasara was much calmer today and more herself, which was wonderful to see. She hadn't eaten her food today either, but it did kind of look like she had left the 'betfor' but eaten the pellets. So we'll try to give her only the pellets for a day and see if that makes a difference.

She had lost a spike in a front shoe so I had bring out my tools and put in a new one. She was soooo good, I could place her from leg on my knee and work without the slightest interruption.
Then I equipped her with both boots AND bell boots (I admit I am a bit of a hen now in the beginning) and out to the lunging paddock we went.
I could really tell the difference between today and yesterday, she was so much calmer, more attentive, happier.... It was jus so wonderful to see.

The lunging went really well, ten times better than yesterday, and we both enjoyed it!
Mathias got to walk her by hand for a few minutes, and it was sooo heartwarming to watch. Vasara was SO kind and well-behaved and Mathias was cuter than ever. <3
I hope that she will eat something more than hay today, and maybe...maybe... I'll ride bareback today? I need to fit the bridle anyway, and I don't want the first time to be during the saddle fitting.
God I love this horse!


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