Day 3

Yesterday I took my first ride on Vasara since arriving to Lunda, which is the second ride ever.
I was supposed to go bare back as the saddle fitter won't be coming until Saturday, but sweet Yvonne lent me one of her (many) saddles. It was great that I could borrow it because Vasara was really energetic and I would that've been able to ride long enough bare back (due to illness) to get her to relax and get a bit tired. She was quite on edge at first, I rode in the second paddock where she has never been and it was very dark outside of the paddock and in the shadows there were lots of strange things stacked away. So I had to struggle quite a bit before I finally got her to work in form. It all got easier once maud joined me in the paddock with her horse, Vasara become less tence and was quite happy with her friend. I have noticed that she doesn't seem to enjoy being alone, she don't like the be the first one in from th pasture either because she has to be alone inside the stable.
At the end of the ride I had her working nicely which felt really good :)

Just when I had arrived to the stable Yvonne called me and had a small surprise; I wouldn't have to muck out the stall because her husband (who is a great jumping instructor and trains their foals) had thought that their new horse had moved in to that stall and hence mucked it out :)

Another great piece of news is that my baby has gotten her appetite back! She had finished it all of and was more than eager for the next feeding. However, she hates 'betfor' and refuses to touch it. So no more of that.


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