Day 7 - 9

Day 7: the one week mark. Time has really gone fast. I was still quite ill. Marre joined me at the stable and we took a very short 20 minute ride on the fields, Vasara first outside ride :) it was very nice but she was so excited and on her toes, especially when a skier in a strange suit had to ski right beside her....

Day 8: a long and cozy day in the stable. I took my time, doing this and that. I lunged Vasara before letting her back out in the field.
I also did some serious charity work by cleaning out the whole paddock from poo. Frozen poo. It took me 20 minutes, a spade and lots of sweat.

Day 9: Marre joined me again, and we took Vasara for a 50 minutes walk in the paddock. It was really clear how much she needed to move and it was good to see that she how she got a bit tired in the end.


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