First ride!

Yesterday when I got to the stable my little Cinderella had gotten her new shoe, and since I came bearing the complements to the saddle, we could (finally) go for out first ride in our own saddle.

The saddle is sooo comfortable and fits my but and legs perfectly. I'm very happy with it!
We spent 45 minutes in the paddock, and she was very energetic in the beginning. She found it extra exciting since it was pitch black and we were alone surrounded by things that looked weird in the light from the spot light. But after ten minutes she really started to focus on me and working well with her back and legs, and by the end of the ride she was like butter in my hands and it was amazing. She is not an easy horse to ride by any means, which is a good challenge.
I notice that she is quite sensitive to weight changes and that my balance is not 100% good enough for her. Time to do some exercises and then I'll be able to ride her even better.


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