First time alone in the car

I took the bus home from work yesterday, to pick up the car...!
I were to drive to and from the stable all by myself for the first time. It went really well, but it was a bit scary on the way out, as a mad taxi driver were just that, mad!
It was awesome driving home again, pitch black, only a few cars out, listening to the radio...

Everyone has been talking about this experience, first time alone in the car. I didn't feel the same way as they did, sure it was a bit unusual but other than that... Not that big of a deal.

It was great being able to only thing about myself and Vasara, taking all the time I wanted. I was enjoying it a bit too much so I didn't leave the stable until 9.45.... By which two girls had shown up to give the horses their dinner.

Today I will drive out again. In a warm car, which will take 1/5 of the time compared to public transportation, alone and free of idiots on the train..... Aaaaah that's life.


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