The big day

Omfg I can't believe it. This morning, at 9.30 am I passed my practical drivers test (first try) and hence I got my drivers license!!!!

I made it!!!! I'm finished!!! I can drive to Vasara!!!!!!! Omg it's over, it's done!!

My test were to start at nine. So I met with Alan at 7.45 to warm up. I was nauseated from nervousness and could hardly think straight. All I could do was to think that it would all be over in a few hours, no matter the outcome. I didn't sleep too well during the night due to the stress, and I worked hard to keep my thought occupied by reading.

The warm up was one hour of Alan driving; demonstrating and rehearsing all the important stuff. I then got to drive for 15 minutes. I chose to focus only on parking and backing. I then drive myself to the traffic institute.

I had to sit and wait for a few minutes in a waiting room, alongside other nervous persons. Then a man appeared and called my name. It has begun. He looked at my ID and I had to sign a paper stating that I solemnly swore that I did not have a license in another country. Then we went down to the car. Alan was waitin for me back in the waiting room. He has asked me whether I wanted him to come with me or if I wanted to go alone with the inspector. I said I wanted to go alone; 2 people watching me was more than I could bear. As we approached the car, my legs began to shake.

The first thing I got to do was to test that the front window wipers worked, and that the steering servo was okay. That was easy enough. Then it was time for the actual driving. I was so lucky! I drove for 30 minutes, I didn't have to perform any weird parking, I got to back around the same corner as I had backed around during the warm up (what are the odds!?) and it all went well. My legs were seriously shaking though.

The inspector was nice but weird. He was veeery calm but almost a robot. He actually talked like a GPS. It was rather funny. But his calm made me feel calm and I couldn't have asked for a better inspector for my needs.

When we had returned to the institute, I parked the car, and he said straight away "congratulations on a passed exam. And a good one at that!"

I couldn't believe it. I almost began to cry. I asked I I could hug the inspector. I couldn't. He said in his robot tone that his profession didn't allow it and that he hopes that I respected that. Lol!
Then we got out of the car and I ran towards Alan and jumped and shouted and laughed.. I was like a bucking horse! :D

When I called mom she was she happy and excited that she had to sit down in a chair because of her heart racing. I was a bit worried but also soooo glad that I could make her so happy. Then everybody at work hugged me and were so proud and I had brought then some baked goodies to celebrate.
And today I will get to drive our car for the first time, I'll drive home from the stable.
The worlds beat teacher, Alan. Thank you SO MUCH for all your encouragement, patience and support. I couldn't have done this without you and I'm so grateful that I got to have you as my teacher.

The world happiest driver!


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