The first day

I'm home from my first day in the stable with my baby.

When I arrived I was a bit concerned be because I couldn't find her; all other horse weeper out in the pasture but her. My first thought was that "omg did Yvonne forget that she promised to take her out this morning? My fear was even greater when I found her inside, very stressed, and alone in the stable. Luckily it was just a misunderstanding from my side, they were actually bringing all the horses in and she had just happen to be the first one in, so she had been outside all day.

I met Yvonne, who told me that everything had gone great this morning, she had been calm and there had been no problem whatsoever letting her out in her new surroundings. She had not eaten anything but hay however, which if course is normal for a stressed horse who has just moved, but it still doesn't feel to good. But she has benen a good girl with the hay so no need for concern.

I started grooming her for a long time, she really was in need of some love. She was so stressed and anxious in the beginning, but after about ten minutes she started to relax which was good to see.
I then took her out to the small coral and lunged her for around twenty minutes. She was very unfocused and stressed in the beginning and it was really hard keeping her in the circle. But like with the grooming, she started to relax after a while.

When we were finished outside I brought her back inside and mucked out her stall. I had forgotten how much fun it can be!

Then I fixed the fodder and it was time to say goodnight.

I called mathias and asked him to pick me up. And he fooled me, he said that he would leave home in a few minutes, but then he suddenly showed up in the stable, he had been outside :D

I already miss her.


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