Tuesday and Wednesday spent in Helsinki

I'm home again, after two days spent in our office in Helsinki, together with my Finnish colleague Emilia. I went there to help he launch our partner web shop which is supposed to go live on Tuesday. I love Emilia, she is so hard working and clever and has done a terrific job on this. We worked like little worked bees these two days and think we will make the release day!
As usual when traveling for work, there is absolutely no time to see anything else but the office, the hotel and the inside I a taxi, but I still love it!

Mathias was so sweet and took care of Vasara on Tuesday night. He told me the cutest story of how he placed hay in the opposite corner of where he was mucking out so she would stand there, as he thought it was a bit scary to ask her to move.

He also picked me up at arlanda and had bought a sick of fodder before doing so. Then he drove me to the stable, waited while I hurriedly did my chores and then we went home.


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