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Do do do do, what you have to do


Gothenburg horse show

home again

list update


First course day finished

The shopping

One gift finished

@ Frankfurt


Arlanda express

Monday 22nd of April

Omfg 3 loose horses?!

First day without a blanket

Sunday 21th

Friday 19th - Sunday 20th

Loose jumping

Thursday 18th of April

IKEA shopping list

A gift from the world best boss

Wednesday 17th of April

Economic balance

One week to Germany

saddle bought

Tuesday 16th of April

I walked the road

Monday 15th of April


Sunday 14th of April

Saturday 13th of April

Work to reach the goals

First ride

The new awesome sofa

On our way

Thursday 11th of April

Spring is in the air

Thanks mom

Another certificate on the wall


Thank you for shopping.

Last Pennygirl package

Wednesday 10th of April

My own, my precious


Claiming ownership

First training tonight

Tuesday 9th of april

Responsible driver

Nice view

April 8th

When I woke up this morning...

Welcome to the world, Lova

Sunday 7 april

Saturday 6 march

Ashes to ashes

It's that time of year

Thursday 4th of April

Spring break

I've got it!

Wednesday 3d of April

Kwintet employee

Funeral, the

Tuesday 1st of April

New couch

1st of April - planning & goal time!

World cup final(s) countdown

New Nancy Drew

oh come on, melt damit

first time bareback