1st of April - planning & goal time!

Time flyes... The fouth month of this year begins. And with it, 2 things;

- I will try to document my time in the stable a bit better, so that I will have a proper training diary.
- It's also time to set up the first set of goals.

So here goes.

* Every day until the 1st of May, I will do balancing excercises.
* Vasara should be noticeable more flexible in her left side by the 1st of May.
* By the 1st of May we should be able to do better leg yieldings, shoulder in and travers.
* By the 1st of May we will have worked with cavaletti and obstacles 1-2 times a week.

Training plan:
* Monday: 1 hour dressage
* Tuesday: Jumping/cavaletti
* Wednesday: 1 hour dressage
* Thursday: 1 hour dressage
* Friday: Rest
* Saturday: Jumping/cavaletti + trail riding
* Sunday: 1 hour dressage + trail riding


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