Sunday 7 april

I have a saddle again. Åsa the saddle fitter had spoken to Åsa in the stable who had a saddle for me to try. And it was... AWESOME!!! I could really tell tr difference both on myself and Vasara. She could move freely, which made it a thousand times easier to ride her and it was all just amazing. For myself, this is the first saddle where I don't have to struggle to place my seat correctly, it stayed where it placed it. Wow!

The saddle is from an expensive brand and have been used for several years. Åsa wants 9000 for it.

While I was riding, Åsa was looking and feeling to make sure the saddle was a perfect fit, which it was. She also told me that she used to work as a trainer and I basically jumped on her and asked her to give me a short dressage lesson, which she did. And I love her! And she loves me. So; we decided that she will give me a lesson each Wednesday night at 7 pm. Yey!!!

We also took the chance to do some jumping. Omg it was sooooo much fun!!! Vasara went crazy with happiness and it was so good to see.

The not so good news is that Vasara has gotten fungus.... Luckily for me, Åsa had a special ointment which I will now use. I also have to change blankets as the fungus is probably due to the heat that the sun brings on during the days. So; amazing Åsa lent me one of her blankets to use as I needed one that's thin but rain resistant.


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