Tuesday 9th of april

On the schedule: jumping.

I did a mix of dressage and jumping over small obstacles (I only have a dressage saddle after all) it's actually going really great. I'm so happy with Vasara, myself and my new saddle.
The dressage is working sooo much better than before and it's a joy. It will be even greater to ride for a trainer so that I can fast forward past this "getting to know each other" phase. As I've only been riding her for like two weeks, I see a great future!

When jumping, Vasara was extremely happy, which meant she wanted to charge forward. It's great to see how much so enjoys jumping. But I can already tell that my biggest challenge with her in jumping will be to keep her under my control. When she charges forwards it goes way way way to fast and she almost misses the obstacle itself. I've looked in her two competition results with Katja, and I can see this here also; she has the fastest time of all, but she has also knocked one or two bars down. I trained on holding her back, and managed to do so until the final two strides, where she became a cannon.
God I love jumping :D I've asked Karoline to give me some jumping training, and she said she'd be happy to, and that she had lots of great and fun exercises up her sleeve.


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