Napa Valley

Yesterday I went to take a look at the horse from the ad; Napa Valley.
He truly was an amazing horse!!! It went well riding him, but for the humiliating fall I did when we misunderstood each other before a 90 cm jump. Luckily I’m used to falling off and I don’t really care, it’s just that it felt unfortunate that it happened when ridig a horse I really like, with the owner watching. Hopefully she is not totally against me now.

The horse was the most sensitive horse I’ve ever ridden. Amazing!
I emailed my trainer and asked her if she could go with me and ride again.

Also, I was veeery lucky yesterday, as Mathias was too sick to drive me I were suppose to go by metro, train and bus which would take forever… But then my guarding angel Marre shows up with a car, after being superhero fast… So not only did my best friend accompany me, but she did so with a car, a warm car.


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