A full day

Thursday was quite a hectic day.
07:00 alarm rings
07:30 I leave home and get on the subway, carrying Vasaras poop sample.
08:00 I arrive at the physical therapy center, still carrying the poop, and meet Ann.
08:30 I leave the therapy center, and head for the subway again.
08:45-09:15 I travel to Slussen, meanwhile entering 8 differen places trying to post the poop package.
09:30 I arrive at svartensgatan 7 and sit down in Liza, my hairdressers, chair. The poop package is still with me.
12:00 I'm finished at the hairdresser, pays 2000 SEK for the service and heads to the subway again.

12:20 I arrive at Östermalmstorg and go to the Tomas Sabo shop and exchange the two charms mom got me in Innsbruck, since I already had both. I still carry the poop package.

12:40 - 13:00 I travel to work.
13:00 me and the poop package arrives at the office.
15:00 the post center in the same building opens. I post the poop package.

17:00 I leave the office and head home an get the car, then drive to the stable
17:30 - 21:00 I'm at the stable
21:30 I'm back home.
22:00 - 23:00 I have one hour to spend with my spouse.
23:00 dead in bed.


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