Me and Vasara were out on an advemnture today, riding in the wood. We were exploring some paths and it didn't turn out too well. What begun as a nice path soon became a terrible, hazardous nightmare, but we pushed through; me thinking that it would be a limited nightmare. But it wasn't... And we ended up not able to go back due to the horrible path we'd just survived, having to push on forward through just as bad surroundings, where one bad step would mean broken legs. We had no coice but to follow the "path" and hope to god that it would end some time. After 30 minutes we saw the light between the trees. A real road! with  cars! we were saved. Or so we though.... Turned out we couldnt reach the road in any way (only cow bridges and other weird stuff) so we had to follow a new path back into the forrest again.
And so it continued for another 20 minutes before we miracolously ended up back on the road we wanted to reach.

I still have no ide where we've been, but it was great training for Vasara, climbing a lot and paying atention to her footing. But I doubt we will ride there again.


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